The best ways to rent a boat to see the world

In the 1st during a new series on free and low-cost ways in which of travel round the world, we glance at crewing a ship as the simplest way of earning your passage

How will it work?

You can't sail a ship while not a crew, and recently finding a crew takes a touch longer than merely walking into a coastal tap house, slamming your pint of mead on a barrel and requesting already seamen to success. Nowadays, adverts for crew area unit announce on-line, giving a chance for landlubbers to sail the water on a budget, provided they're willing to clean the decks each therefore typically when they rent a boat.

How much will it cost?

Again, this could vary looking on the voyage. Generally travel expenses are lined by the boat owner, generally the crews are expected to pay their own, and however this could not be quite between £15-25 each day. If you're paying quite what's necessary to keep up basic food and provides on the boat, then you're not a crewman and will be classed as a traveler to see the world, which might mean totally different laws and rules apply to your trip. Some crew members receive recompense for his or her work on board; this might be within the variety of a free trip, a ticket home, or a bonus on completion of the voyage. Knowledgeable crew might be purchased their work, which might be between £200-500 per week. (Super yacht crewing has its own necessities.) Some sites conjointly charge a registration fee before you'll be able to contact the skippers.

Advice for a primary timer

For Iain Barbour, director of Crew seekers, initial impressions area unit necessary. "If you switch up to ascertain the boat and it's dirty and hasn't been well maintained then that is not getting to create an honest begin for a trans-Atlantic trip," he says. "Make positive the person you're move with is qualified – the skipper ought to be happy with his boat and warranted of his own ability."

World tour

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